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Maduro will travel to Cuba to visit ailing Chávez

11 de enero de 2013

Caracas, Jan. 11 (Notimex).- Venezuelan VP Nicolás Maduro said Friday that in the next few hours he will travel to Cuba to visit President Hugo Chávez, hospitalized in Havana after four cancer-related surgeries.

Maduro said at a public event that he will meet in Havana with presidents Cristina Fernández, from Argentina, and Ollanta Humala, from Perú, who already arrived in Cuba to express Chávez and the Venezuelan government their support in this difficult times.

Cuban and Venezuelan authorities warned Humala and Fernández about the possibility of not being able to meet Chávez, due to his delicate health condition, so they might only meet the members of his family that are currently at the island.

Maduro said, at an event of the Great Mission Housing Venezuela, that he "will give our commander-president the good news about how the people are working, making revolution with courage, discipline and enthusiasm".

"I'm leaving for Havana to continue that work of visiting the family, meeting with his medical team, visiting our commander president" Maduro said.

Throughout his illness, Hugo Chávez has also been accompanied by the President of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello; the General Attorney of the Republic, Cilia Flores; and the Minister of Science and Technology, Jorge Arreaza.

Maduro announced that Electricity Minister Héctor Navarro, shall serve as vice president while he trips Havana.


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